Friday, August 19, 2011

Favor from Above

I have totally no idea what happened.
I was just being myself.
Normal ordinary down to earth low profile guy.
But what happened back there was crazy.
Crazy awesome.
I admit I’m no better, but He poured out all his blessings today.
God opened a small hole from heaven above my head.
And showers of blessings was on me.
I was showered by grace.
I was favored among all others.

The bible says,
“On earth peace to men on whom his favor rests”
Now I totally understand it.
I was just a nobody, but with God’s grace.
I was lifted up to the very top.
Thank you Lord.
Thank you for your grace.
Thank you for your promise.
Thank you for your privilege.

“As I walk into the place I fear,
I just gave my best and came out here,
For God’s favor was so clear,
I was just too amazed to hear.
Nothing about me that I can boast,
It’s all from God from where I rose,
I did my part that all I know,
And God took the rest and add the flow.
When I least expect or even see,
When I’ve lost the pride and goal to be,
God’s blessings came in time to me,
And now I’m so blessed be…”

" Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."
(Luke 2:14)

“Because of God’s Favor On Your Life,
You Will Never Go Empty-Handed”
(Exodus 3:19-22)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wonder of Worship

I've been singing worship songs for so many years.
I've been worship leading for so long.
But for the first time,
I experience the real peace in the midst of worship.

When we worship,
We switch our mind from earthly things to eternity.
When we sing praises, it goes right into our Heavenly Father’s ear.
And He hears.
He enjoys.
He smiles.

We are connected.
He then takes away everything that is troubling our minds.
He will remove every worry.
Every pain.
Every tear.
Every circumstances.
Every obstacle.

That’s how we overcome.
How awesome is that.

Now I know,
When things around us are bad.
When you can no longer take it.
When you have no where to turn.
When you can’t breath.
Just surrender.
Just worship.
Just sing.

You don’t even have to tell Him your cares.
He know our hearts.
And He heals.

He really does.

If you think that you need to be in a church to worship…
If you think that you need a great band to worship…
If you think that you need an awesome voice to worship…
If you think that you need to know music to worship…
If you think that you need to practice to worship…

The greatest worship comes straight from the heart,
Flying straight to God’s heart.

Only then you’ll experience real worship.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It’s funny how God can encourage me in so many different ways.
Lately every song I click on youtube points me to one direction.
Every song my friends share on facebook are telling me something.
Broken hearts means nothing when God can heal.
Emptiness is nothing when God is fill.
You think you can’t take another step.
But we are stronger than we know.
Yet so many times we choose to be weak.
For it’s easier that way.
So stand up strong,
For every pain won’t be long.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pray and wait. It won't be late.

Thank you Lord for answering prayers.
My cries never fall on ground zero.
My plea you hear, I know.
You work in mysterious ways.
Who am I to question your say?

In your hands I will continue.
Submitting the rest, for you know best.
Timing, place and events,
Without you, there’s nothing worth to plan.
You arrange everything in your perfect hands.
Who am I to rush the plan?

There’s a peace that comes,
When I pray, my heart calms.
Who am I not to wait till it comes?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Water Running Uphill

We are like water running uphill.
Against the flow.
Against the tide.
If we stop moving.
If we stop trying.
We'll get sweep down all the way.
It's US against the world.
It's hard.
It's tough.
But it's worth a shot.
Stand for what we believe in.
A faith having,
is a faith worth sharing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

In the sweet, by and by...

In the sweet, by and by.
It’s time to bid goodbye.
We shall meet on that beautiful shore.
For the door to eternity is open,
Where perfect perfection awaits.

No more sorrow,
No more pain,
No more suffering.

To live is Christ, to die is gain.
It’s just like taking the next step,
From this world into Heaven.
You have fought a good fight,
You have finished your race,
You have kept your faith.

As we watched you fight till the very end.
You showed us how to live strong,
You taught us never to give up.

We love you grandpa.
Rest in peace.
Until we meet again.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I had a dream

One day I was walking alone in the woods.
It was a thick forest.
Could barely see the sunlight finding its way through the leaves.
The trees seems all the same to me.
I kept walking in circles I guess.
But I’m sure I’m lost.

There’s no sign of help.
There’s no signal for calls.
There’s no one in sight.

I’m really lost.
I feel lost.
I am lost.

Suddenly I heard,
Followed by

I went ahead.
Hid behind a bush.
Peeped through the gaps between it.

I saw two aborigines arguing.
One holding an axe.
One holding a broken axe.
They seem angry.
But not to the extend of chopping one another.
They were chopping some firewood.
But there’s something strange between them.

Both of them were chopping the firewood differently.
One of them was chopping it horizontally.
And another vertically.

My guess is both are arguing who is chopping D right way.
Since there is only one axe left.
They were fighting.
Like kids.

Something in me wanted to help.
But they can barely understand me,
If my sign language works fine for them.
I was trained in India for some time by now.

So I jumped out from the bush.

They nearly threw an axe at me.
I mean both of them.
But by God’s grace, they didn’t.

I tried to tell them that it’s the same no matter how you cut it.
It’s gonna go into the fire anyhow.
It’s not what the shape is.
What’s important, is the WOOD.
If it’s wood, it’s good.
If the wood is good, it’s good.
Size aint matter.
Shape aint matter.

But they didn’t get it.

I tried.
I did.
I failed.
I left.

I’m still lost.
I still can’t find my way.

But I know I’ll be home anyway.
My home is sure.
My hope is sure.
I just don’t wanna get there in a lost manner.
I wanna get there the right way.
That’s why I’m still searching.

Still learning.
Still waiting.
Still praying.